Cancer Care Close to Home in

Soldotna, Alaska

Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center offers leading-edge radiation therapy with an individualized and personalized approach. Our staff and doctors guide you through initial processes and will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your cancer treatment plan. Most importantly, we are here to walk with you each step of your journey with our Cancer Care Navigation Services.

Patient Housing

We offer access to a fully furnished home with two private suites for your weeks of treatment. Learn more about our patient housing.

Hear from Our Patients

At Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center our patients receive the highest quality of care with a personalized touch. Hear from our patients about their experience at our center.

Your First Visit

We create individualized cancer treatment plans based on your personal history. Our doctors are able to consult with you on the best plan of action to meet your specific needs.

 Comfort and Convenience


Our center located in Soldotna, Alaska was designed and built with patient comfort and convenience in mind. As a result, every aspect of our center has been carefully planned, from the warm lighting and local Alaskan artwork to the comfortable seating so that you can feel relaxed and safe when spending time with us.

Our Mission


The team at Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center is committed to providing hope to patients through offering them a healing environment, a promise of open communication and by taking a patient-centered approach while providing  excellence in clinical care.

Guidance at every stage


We provide you with guidance through the cancer care system and assist them in finding the support and resources they need. We work closely with your healthcare team to coordinate care and help patients access available resources and other helpful support. Regardless of what you need help with, be it scheduling medical appointments, getting answers to important questions or arranging follow-up care, we are here to help.

Contact Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center

If you are interested in learning more about Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center or would simply like more information about our services, contact us and a member of our team will respond accordingly.